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Serbia's Nemanja Vidic

Int'l Risers and Fallers since June 2008

We’ve looked at the international rankings for the past two to years to identify which teams have shown significant improvement and those that have declined.


Hartlepool beat Stoke in the FA Cup 2009 Third Round

Likelihood of an FA Cup upset (30/12/2009)

Our free assessment of whether there are likely to be any Cup upsets this weekend.



World Cup Draw Preview

With the World Cup Draw upon us, Bettorlogic looks at how teams may fair next Summer in South Africa.


Freiburg's Du-Ri Cha

Time of 1st goal 1-10 mins

Bettorlogic analyse the effect of a goal scored in the first 10 minutes on the Over Goals markets and how that varies across the major leagues.


Caen Players Celebrating

Time of 1st goal 11-20 mins

How likely are matches to have +2.5 or +3.5 goals when the first goal is scored during this period and how does that vary across the major leagues.


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