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Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button

Button's move to McLaren (19/11/2009)

Jenson Button believes that a move to McLaren is his best chance of successfully defending his drivers' title but our analysis suggests otherwise.


Sebastain Vettell in the rain

Who is best when it is wet?(20/07/2009)

Wet conditions can transform a race so Bettorlogic have studied those drivers who sing when it rains and those who head for the umbrellas.


Sebastien Vettel and Mark Webber Celebrate at Silverstone

1-2 finishes this season (20/07/2009)

There have been as many 1-2 finishes for a team in the first half of this season as in any of the past 20 years. Bettorlogic looks at whether this is likely to continue in the remaining races.


Lewis Hamilton

Ferrari and McLaren's dismal season (09/06/2009)

After winning 78% of the races last season, Ferrari and McLaren have yet to win this year. Bettorlogic have analysed how likely either team is to take a chequered flag in any of the remaining races.


Jenson Button Celebrates Victory in Turkey GP 2009

Will Button continue to dominate?

Jenson Button joins Michael Schumacher as the only driver in the past 20 years to win six of the first seven races, but will his win ratio drop just as Schumacher's did in 1994 and 2004?


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