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Ferrari and McLaren's dismal season (09/06/2009)

After winning 78% of the races last season, Ferrari and McLaren have yet to win this year. Bettorlogic have analysed how likely either team is to take a chequered flag in any of the remaining races.

Lewis Hamilton

Last season Ferrari and McLaren both won at least a third of the season’s grand prix and few would have predicted that by race seven both teams would be winless with just a solitary podium between them.

Since 1989 there have been 28 occasions when a constructor started a season having claimed at least a third of the previous season’s victories. The vast majority continued to dominate or, at the very least, made a significant contribution to the following seasons winning rostrum.  22 of those 28 constructors had all won by this stage of the season and it leaves six teams who were as woefully placed as  McLaren and Ferrari.

In 1991 Ferrari failed to win having won 6/16 the previous season; in1996 Benetton were winless having scooped 11 in 1995; Williams suffered a similar fate in 1998 having had eight wins in 1997; more recently, McLaren failed to take the chequered flag in 2006 after 10 wins in 2005 and Renault followed up their eight wins in 2006 with none in 2007. Following their banner year of 2004 when they won all but one of the 17 grand prix, Ferrari managed a solitary win in 2005 and that was at Indianapolis when only the six Bridgestone cars took part.

Kimi Raikkonen has stated recently that it is only a matter of time before the Scuderia win a race. On our evidence that is not going to happen this season. Felipe Massa, Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton can all be sold at 1 on the Sporting Index Race Win market or at 4 for the two Ferrari drivers on the Most Race Wins Index and at 3 for Hamilton. Nobody could have predicted how this season woud have unfolded thus far, and Ferrari could creep ever closer to the front of the grid so we wouldn't entirely discount a win. As for McLaren, it's difficult to see where their next points are going to come from let alone a win.

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