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Ashes 3rd Test, Day 2: Stumps

A half-century from Andrew Strauss leaves England 147 runs behind Australia at the close on day Two on 116/2.


NB Unless otherwise stated, all statistics refer to live (non-dead rubber) Tests not involving minnows played in the last 10 years.

Stumps: England 116/2 (Strauss 64, Bell 26), Australia 263

The average total made by teams getting to 100-130 with two wickets down in their first innings in the last 10 years is 392, with half of the teams making fewer than 375 and just over 40% going past 400. England average 362 from this position, reaching 400 in only a quarter (10/40) of those matches — including only one of their last seven — and falling short of 350 in over half (23/40) of them. In the 26 matches where the team in question was batting against Australia, the average score is 381, with less than a third (8/26) of the teams making it to 400 and just under half (12/26) making fewer than 350.

In the last 20 years, 61 teams have been 90-140 for two in the second innings of the match, in reply to a score of 220-300. The average total made by those teams is 351, with more than 60% (37/61) of them not making it to 350 and only 26% (16/61) reaching 400.

Strauss's conversion rate (58%) is one of the best in Test history, bolstered by seven centuries in his last eight Test innings when reaching 50 — including the last six in a row. In his 26 Test innings where he has reached 60 he has gone on to bring up his century in 18 of them, including an unbeaten 94. Indeed, of the last 20 times he has made 60 — and not been left unbeaten — he has made 16 tons including in his last seven in a row. His average ton-ups from the 25 innings in which he was dismissed is 23.7, making at least 120 in 13 of them and at least 140 in his last four.

Ian Bell averages 91.2 in 20 Test first innings once past 25 (77.5 runs per innings) with 16 half-centuries and six 100s (only one of 120 or more). He has been dismissed between 50-79 in eight of those 20 times at the crease — including in six of 12 dating back to the last Ashes series.

Match odds: England 5.4, Australia 10.0, Draw 1.38

England 1st Innings Runs - (SI)

England 400 Runs or more 2.01 (Betfair)

Strauss Runs - (SI)

Bell Runs - (SI)


Tea: England 56/1 (Strauss 33, Bopara 23), Australia 263

Teams reaching 40-70 having lost one wicket in their first innings average a score of 372, with just under half  of the teams in question making more than 379 (46%) and under 364 (49%). England have 48 such scores, averaging 368 with 44% of their totals in excess of 379. Their record is a little better at home, averaging 386 (14/29 greater than 379). Australia have allowed an average score of 332 from this position, with only a third (13/39) of their opponents making 380 or more.

There have been 48 Tests in the last 10 years with a team 40-70 for one in reply to a score of 220-300 in the first innings of the match. Those 49 average 344, with 20 (42%) scores of at least 380.

Andrew Strauss averages 82 in the first innings of Tests having passed 30, making 83 or more in 41% (13/31) of those innings, with centuries in his last five such innings. He has been completely hit-or-miss in this position, failing to reach 50 in 13 of the 31 and making 120 or more in 10 of them. His record at home is not as good as outside of England — averaging 71 — with only six scores in excess of 83.

Match odds: England 4.1, Australia 7.0, Draw 1.6

England 1st Innings Runs 364-379 (SI)

England 375 Runs or more 2.0 (Betfair)

Strauss Runs 78-83 (SI)

Bopara Runs 60-65 (SI)


Lunch: Australia 203/8 (Hauritz 0, Siddle 0)

There have been 63 instances of a team reaching 190-215 for eight in their first innings, going on to compile an average score of 224. Over 60% of the teams (39/63) fell short of 229, with fewer than a third (18/63) going past 234 and only six making it to 250.

Australia have just five such innings, averaging 215 with a highest score of only 228. England have been in a similar position in the field 12 times, allowing an average score of 216, with just two scores of more than 234, with more than half (seven) of the totals allowed under 220.

Match odds: England 3.5, Australia 4.9, Draw 1.92

Australia 1st Innings Runs 229-234 (SI)

Australia 250 Runs or more 2.5 (Betfair)

Hauritz Runs 8-11 (SI)

Siddle Runs 6-9 (SI)

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